Eden Energy Medicine

Chana is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Training the body’s energy to heal itself…

Energy Medicine techniques are very effective in working with issues that challenge people on the Spectrum.

Some of the benefits of Eden Energy Medicine are:

  • Restore your energy when you are tired
  • Sharpen your memory & mental clarity
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Alleviate depression & uplift your spirit
  • Increase your health & resilience
  • Engage your energies for health & vitality
  • Turn robotic behavior into flow
  • Decrease Obsessive thoughts and behaviors
  • Braining calm to the mind and the body
  • Identify and correct energy imbalances that keep you from being at your best
  • Enhance your health and your state of mind

There are no side effects whatsoever…

adhd person Energy Medicine has helped individuals who want to calm down to do so and to learn how to create that calm on their own. It has made people on the spectrum less robotic and helped increase their vitality, and efficiency of how the brain functions. The results and the work vary with what the client needs and goals.

I have found that when coaching is integrated with energy medicine, results are faster, more enduring, and the client is more empowered in controlling his own life.

Energy Medicine compliments other medical approaches, often making them more effective:

A story: How my journey led me to The Healing Power of Energy Medicine  From my book Light FROM the Darmkness of Illness & Disability (soon to be published)

Years of illness, all kinds, from disability to inability, to deathly ill.

Incurable conditions, pain, feeling awful, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Hopeless Diagnoses that had no known remedies.

I have been there.

After a 34-year career as an educator, I was led to working as a Mind-Body Practitioner, a Healer, and an ADHD/ASD/General Coach.

My Story

I was a teacher. I had no intention of, or interest in, becoming a healer.

I loved the classroom and felt that Heaven for me will be a classroom of kids, whose faces always give me energy and joy.

It was 1993 when I met with Kabbalist, Rabbi Eliyahu Maimon, for the first time.

“You have to release the power to heal from your hands.” The rabbi told me.

Then again in 1995, as soon as he saw me, he said the same words.

Without my telling him any details about my life or family, he knew the Hebrew initials of my son, Brett’s name, who had been very ill years before.

He told me it was my hands that healed my son.

Brett often asked from his sick bed that I put my hands on his back. “Rub” he would request. And so even when he was not conscious, I kept my hands on him, knowing it was what he wanted.

“You must heal people,”

Rabbi Maimon said on both visits.

“You have to release the power to heal from your hands.”

Very content with my career as a teacher, I did not understand the rabbi’s message to me.

I quickly forgot the directions he gave me to do things like pray at a body of water, kiss the mezuzah, etc., having had neither interest in, nor understanding of, healing anyone, in the first place.

But, clearly, God had other plans for me.

In 1995, I was going thru an increasingly terrible experience of being harassed at work, which intensified with time.

I loved the classroom and my beautiful students.

But the harassment from the administration was so intrusive causing me to have to be on alert all the time.

Early one March morning in 1997, I stood before the large window of my classroom.

I looked toward Heaven.

“Get me out of here,” I requested of God.

Right after my prayer, I walked down a flight of steps, to get the additional bag from my car that contained the teaching materials I created at home.

Unusual for my athletic body, I missed a step, landing on a twisted ankle.

I was unable to put any weight on that ankle.

Diagnosis of broken ankle that day, led to diagnosis of RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a week later.

By the following year, the illness spread throughout my body and I was diagnosed with full body RSD.

The torturous pain and my contrary reaction to any medication that I had ever tried led me to searching for relief alternatively.

My journey to becoming a healer began with healing myself.

I wanted to find a healer who would touch me and take it all away.

For years, I had ignored and forgotten Rabbi Maimon urging me to be a healer.

But God changed my life so that I had to become a healer, no matter what I had intended.

The search for relief from the incredible, agonizing throb, the numbness, burning and freezing pain of RSD was on.

The sleepless nights and the lack of any moments of relief from the pain were truly unbearable.

Yes, the search was on.

I attended many seminars, classes, sessions.

I undertook trainings in many healing modalities all at the same time.

I learned each and learned it well.

Most importantly, I learned that healing is a process and not the event I was in search of.

As I continued doing the things I was learning, I did get a little relief, very little.

Even though I was learning alternative healing, I still went to Dr. Hooshmand, the RSD guru in Florida, who injected my spine with steroids that did not allow me to sleep, not even a quick nap, but gave me short term relief from the pain.

And as soon as the injections wore off a few weeks later, the pain returned even stronger.

I went from one seminar to another where various modalities of healing were taught.

Rosalyn L. Bruyere was one of my first teachers. I am so grateful to Rosalyn for introducing me to the concept of energy, how to feel it, how to move it, and how to use it to heal another.

I learned with Rosalyn for about five years, following her seminars around the country, and also privately in her home in California.

After several years, she told me to learn other places for I had grasped her teachings well.

I then learned with her students who taught Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW) which I found invaluable for myself and which I continue to use with my clients.

I took courses online and mostly in person. At one online course with NICABM, I was torturously bored with the teacher.

The book used was that of Donna Eden.

So rather than continue being bored with the NICABM teacher, I made a call to Innersource, the office headquarters of Donna Eden.  

The following weekend I was in Florida learning in person with Donna Eden herself.

I began learning with Donna in 2003.

I completed all the certifications she offers up to Advanced Practitioner, doing Grid and Regression.

The Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) modalities and techniques, Donna’s work and her instructors have been marvelous.

This work has had a great deal to do with my total healing of RSD and so many other conditions.

It is 2017 on this writing and I still do EEM work every day on myself and with clients, Lifesaving work for sure.

My gratitude to Donna Eden, her husband David Feinstein, and her staff is endless.

I have learned and had endless practice in all nine systems of Chinese medicine, how to use them practically to balance my energy and that of my clients.

I have learned to be a healing detective and test to find where the problem my client is having started and how to fix it.

EEM has turned me into an almost magician, able to heal maladies like Cancer, RSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Mental Illness, Emotional problems, Depression, Panic, Trauma, and just about every illness that walks in the door.

I cannot in this writing share the whole of what EEM has given me.

Just know that I am beyond grateful.

At an American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM) conference in 2004,

I was introduced to Neuro Emotional Technique (NET,) another lifesaving modality that I use every day and with which I continue to be so enraptured as I still attend the seminars, for the learning of this modality is endless. It just gets deeper and better.

NET heals the stress, the emotional component of every illness, every trauma, every bad memory, dream, pain, disability, etc.

NET is invaluable. It has changed my life. Really, it has healed my life, and the lives of endless clients, clearing everything that ever bothered me and them.

I am so grateful to Drs. Scott and Deb Walker for gifting me with their incredible healing modality, for being there at all times to respond to my questions, with such patience and such love.

I know I am so blessed.

I graduated other programs such as The Academy for Guided Imagery, also an invaluable training. I trained also with Korean Hand Therapy, with the Handle Program (Holistic Approach to Learning and Neurodevelopment Learning Efficiency.) and with Judith Bluestone, the founder and creator, personally.

Through the practice of NET I have been able to reach my own truth and that of my clients.

That means NET assists in out becoming free to be who we are and not who we think we should be.

That is Real Healing.

In addition, I graduated many coaching program, achieving endless certifications in General coaching, ADHD coaching, Family coaching, Recovery coaching, too many to mention, but my favorite being ADD Coach Academy founded and taught by David Giwerc, MCC.

My trainings gave me the basis to develop my own techniques for working with those  diagnosed with Autism Spectrum, Schizophrenia,  OCD, etc.

I went from being a dedicated teacher for 34 years, never ever wanting to change careers. Then life circumstances changed my career for me.

There is a saying in Yiddish “der mentch tracht, un Gut lacht.” It means “Man plans and God laughs.”

I never would have imagined how enriched my life would be as a Real Healer, how much I would learn, how it would expand my mind and my being, and how healing and empowering it would be for me to know all that I do now.

And the learning never ends . . .

This work not only heals, but trains your body’s energies to heal itself and I teach you to continue the process on your own.

As my coaching clients you get the benefit of what I know in healing just as my healing clients benefit from my coaching expertise. Each technique is non-invasive and has had successful results.


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Work with the energies in your body and learn to direct them in the direction of healing. Click here to begin

During an energy medicine session, several of your nine systems of Chinese medicine will be assessed and corrected. You will then be given remedies to do at home in order to continue the success of the work.

I had two two-hour healing sessions with Chana Klein. We were addressing a nagging fatigue and aches and pains in the upper body – shoulders, upper back, neck, head, headaches largely in the back of the head. These symptoms have been ascribed to fibromyalgia and I have received help in the past through various modalities. It seemed that the problem had resurfaced and was dragging me down for some months with an accompanying feeling of depression and sadness. So I decided to work with Chana and try her methodology.

Following the second session on November 30th, there was an immediate lessening of all overall pain and complete cessation of many of the troubling pain spots. I felt more up in mood, no longer fatigued. Certain symptoms did reassert themselves and Chana gave me simple exercises to do at home to bring up my energy or to relax me as needed. Frankly, the most important thing was that I did not feel depressed any more. My energy is more even and stronger. I felt and continue to feel that I can create the life, work, and love that is fulfilling and authentic for me.

~ Yoga instructor

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Eden Energy Medicine and Hormones

Energy Medicine also helps to improve our lives by balancing our hormones.

Results of Hormonal Work with Eden Energy Medicine

  • Keep yourself healthy and resilient with a five minute daily routing
  • Sharpen your memory and clarity of mind
  • Improve thyroid function
  • Balance mood and enhance your sleep
  • Increase or decrease your libido
  • Optimize your health and prevent illness
  • Recover from illness
  • Relieve PMS symptoms and hot flashes
  • Balance your hormones
  • Awaken your body, mind and spirit
  • Varies with what your body needs to correct

Energy Medicine works with your centers of energy and your energy pathways that are in constant motion. It works with the dynamic interplay not only with other energies, but also with your cells, your organs, your immune system, and your mood.

A few weeks after my first energy session with Chana. I decided to come back again because I had wanted to do energy testing on various medicines and supplements that I take. Then, like a bolt of lightening I suddenly realized that something in my life had radically changed. That was weird, I had been having numerous hot flashes every day for at least a few months already. I was resigned to the fact that I was at that stage of life in which I would have to grin and bear this uncomfortable reality. Well, I still cannot believe it, but the hot flashes are GONE!! The only thing that changed was that I had that healing session. Chana had told me that she balanced my hormones, but I did not expect that whatever she would do could have such a radical effect.

Well now it is a couple of months and still the hot flashes have not returned. Chana gave me some techniques to help maintain this hormone balance, and techniques to do if one does occur. I cannot help but be very impressed. In fact I was so impressed that I have told a number of friends, and some of them have even come to see Chana. They have told me. They thanked me for helping them to find such a highly skilled, humble and caring healer. I am most grateful to Chana for her wonderful help.

~ Psychologist

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Chana is an Authorized Eden Energy for Women Class Instructor

adhd person Energy medicine shows you how to understand and work with your body’s reservoir of electromagnetic and more subtle energies to Your body is comprised of centers of energy and energy pathways that are in constant motion, a dynamic interplay not only with other energies, but also with your cells, your organs, your immune system, and your mood.

You will be empowered and learn:

  • How to influence the flow of your energies by tapping, massaging, or tracing specific energy points or pathways.
  • Basic routines that are helpful to nearly everyone.
  • How to identify where your own energies need special attention.
  • Tools to improve the harmony of all the body’s energy systems and help alleviate pain and stress.
  • How to boost your energies when you are exhausted,
  • How to strengthen your immune system,
  • How to feel greater vitality.
  • How to overcome health problems by intelligently shifting the energies that are causing them.

Energy medicine will empower you to have more control over how you feel, how healthy you stay, and how to keep your mind sharp.

Energy medicine is also preventive:

Donna and David explain that by recognizing energy disruptions before symptoms appear, the energy problem can be corrected rather than allowed to progress until it erupts into cancer, heart failure, or a nervous disorder.

Donna Eden and David Feinstein write that:

In fact, in some provinces of ancient China, where an understanding of the body’s energies was central to the treatment, you paid the physician to keep you healthy. If you got sick, more intensive treatments were offered, but they were free.

The applications of energy medicine also extend beyond health and healing. You can maximize your performance in almost any endeavor if you get your energies into an optimal flow and harmony.

Growing numbers of Olympic athletes can be seen using energy balancing techniques as part of their warm-up routine.

Donna has several times been brought to work with the cast of a play when rehearsals weren’t going well-and just before a stunning opening night!

Children who know how to balance their energies do better in school.

People who have difficulty managing their anger are more successful when they know how to keep their energies in harmony.

Speakers are less nervous and more effective when their energies are in a good flow, and their own good energies then impact the energies of those in the audience. Such energetic interchanges affect all relationships.

The applications for business, education, sports, entertainment, and community life are endless.

I am certified as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and have completed further training as a class instructor for Donna Eden Energy Medicine for Women.

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Energy Medicine for Women

Eden and David Feinstein wrote a new book entitled “Energy Medicine for Women and the Men who Love Them”, The book introduces the Energy Medicine approach to hormone balance, cramps, PMS, pregnancy, fertility, menopause, weight loss and more.

Energy Medicine for Women introduces the use of energy tools involving the Chakras, Meridians and physical movement exercises to target health issues that specifically affect women.

In my own practice, I have found these techniques invaluable for men as well.

Are you ready to learn to improve your health, increase your vitality, and enrich your life by working with your body’s energies? Connect with me today!

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