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“Chana turned our hopes into concrete goals that we were all able to work on.” ~ Parents of 16 year old girl


An open letter to those who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, OCD, ODD, CD or Bipolar, and their families who love them:


Some Information about ASD:

I don’t have to tell you what it’s like to live with ADHD, and ASD and the co-existing conditions that come with those brain wirings for either yourself or your family member. As a pioneer in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD Coaching I have extensive experience working with people who are challenged, and/or frustrated with their ongoing situation, or are currently in crisis. There is so  much to explain when your child is given these diagnosis. Yet most medical offices who diagnose do not educate you on what you can do or even that that diagnosis really means.

Western medicine is an allopathic model. In medical school they learn lists for diagnoses and what medicine to give for each one. Every diagnosis is assigned a medication to prescribe.

Autism is NOT a risperdal deficiency:

(ADHD is NOT a Ritalin deficiency.)

The only medication approved for ASD is risperdal.  But we know, and the doctors know, that Autism is not a risperdal deficiency. It is not an answer, unless the child and you are in such huge crisis that you need something to stop certain destructive behaviors  temporarily, as you search for answers that can make a more endurable change.


In fact it should really be called “Autisms”. I have worked with too many people on the spectrum to be able to say that there is a classic autism. In each person Autism is expressed differently.

I am in awe of the parents of the children with whom I work. The hours, the money, the time, the research, the selflessness I have seen. And somehow for me, the work with people on the spectrum is the most inspiring. In each person, there is always so much more that he or she is really able to do. When one of my clients finds the work he wants to do, when her employers appreciate her, when they even want to relocate him as they expand, when the struggle over connecting with a friend finally pays off, when the person actually seeks out a friend and when that friend responds. When the gait of the ASDer is more connected and smooth from our healing work, when the anxiety is no longer a part of each day and comes on less and less often. So many joys in working with this you who are on the spectrum, getting them to reach higher, be it getting out of a classroom that is not challenging enough for him, or one that is  not letting her be herself. I have had many of my higher functioning clients go from not having a life, from sitting home all day to get good jobs, complete their education and the most challenging of them all – make a friend.

Clients get better as a result of many unique Mind Body Alternative strategies coupled with coaching..

It is different for each person because no two autisms are the same. Each person is unique and has their own set of issues and challenges. Using Mind Body Solutions I get to what is underlying it all, and to what the client and the family really want. In most cases we get to where you want to be and sometimes even further.

My perspective is a bit different from that of many other professionals who write about the Spectrum. For example, I know that  people who have ASD have more sensitivity rather than less, better hearing, not worse, and often greater intuition, rather than no theory of mind. It is often the super-sensitivities that make life overwhelming. That is why many shut down. Too much stimuli makes them shut everything out.. I see these Families of people on the Spectrum (ASD & ADHD) as worthy of more respect, not less, and I am truly inspired by the families with whom I work.

She found what is great in me. She found my greatness and supported me in reaching it. ~ Student and Employee back to top

Working with Aspergers and/or PDD-NOS:

  • Create awareness about the gifts – and the challenges–of being on the spectrum
  • Function in the way you aspire
  • Understand and to be understood – to understand others and to have them understand you
  • Develop the relationships you want to have – To have friends
  • Address sensory problems of ASD – Better understand sensory issues and to find or create an environment in which to function optimally
  • Have greater opportunities that lead to a productive, fulfilling, rewarding, and self sufficient life
  • Achieve greater self-acceptance
  • Live independently in the world
  • Set up support systems that work
  • Choose what you want to do and help you to find ways to do it
  • Choose what you want to achieve and partner to achieve it.

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Working with ADHD:

Many aspects of the ADHD brain wiring are truly a gift. As we become aware of what works for you or your ADHD family member…

  • Increase self esteem
  • Learn how your brain works and how to use it to have the life you want
  • Procrastinate less
  • Be accountable to yourself and to others
  • Celebrate your achievements and accomplishments
  • Find or develop a career, and enjoy long term success in that career
  • Design environments that support your success
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Receive non-judging support in overcoming obstacles
  • Develop systems and structures to have the outcomes you want
  • Learn what your gifts, talents and skills are and how to use them to attain your deepest desires
  • Have better communication with those around you
  • Have deeper, more fulfilling relationships
  • Decrease impulsive behavior
  • Learn how to focus more on what you want and less on what you don’t
  • Reduce worry
  • Increase the success patterns in your life
  • Get rid of blame and shame
  • Realize your options and be the chooser
  • Manage your time better
  • Set priorities and take action on them
  • Make decision-making easier
  • Get clear and become who you really want to be

Whether you’re an adolescent, teen or adult, I can help you to enjoy the kind of life that you may not have thought was possible–even if you’ve tried other practitioners! back to top

Uncover Your Unique Gifts

adhd person While I focus primarily on the client, I work with the entire family, because this dynamic is so critical to your overall success. The brain wirings you are encountering are often a gift in many ways. We’ll work together to uncover these gifts, harness them and use them to have meaningful, previously unreachable outcomes. I use many modalities and have many certifications and trainings that help me to help my clients. I have also created strategies of my own. I integrate alternative healing with coaching when indicated. Call me to partner with you to get the results that you were not able to achieve before, to go beyond what you and everyone else thought was realizable. Partner with me to uncover your brilliance… In fact, many of my colleagues and other professionals refer clients to me who they feel have issues that are more complex and who they feel will benefit from my trainings and my skills as a coach and a healer. Working with individuals who are stuck in any area of their lives is my passion. back to top

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There is much to digest on this website. I invite you to read my personal stories of overcoming challenges. Also see my life journey, my endless learning more and more solutions to the issues that affect the mind, body and spirit.

My practice consists primarily by word of mouth. If you are searching for solutions to ASD issues or anxiety, depression, stuttering, dementia, schizophrenia, ADHD, the mind-body solutions of Spectrum Coaching have been highly effective giving people the life they want.


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