What Clients Say...

The names have been omitted to protect client confidentiality.

You have helped my son more in three weeks than years, and years, and years of therapy.         ~ Parent of 12 year old

The educational and psychological shifts in our son were staggeringly positive... seemingly miraculous!!! He became motivated, focused, and committed to his own success. With Chana Klein's continued and completely dedicated support of our son through-out the year he has done incredibly well. His grades are in the A high B range. His academic success has astonished the school administration and his teachers. Now, he is generally happy, upbeat, positive, and setting his sights on more success!! Our most heartfelt thanks to Chana Klein.         ~ Parents of 11 year old

I am blown away by how proud I feel about how much sense my son is making and what a joy he is to be with after working with you for just a few months. We are thrilled to hear him sounding so with it, so sensible, so smart, so thoughtful and reflective. We thank G-d that he is working with you and that you are helping him to transform into an outstanding person. It is really quite miraculous.         ~ Parents of 18-year old

Thank you for the work you have done with my foster child. I am just so wowed by your understanding of how to manage him. I want you to know that you are saving the boy's life. I am tremendously grateful for that. You are the only one he speaks to. It's incredible that you just clicked with him. Thank G-d he is in touch with you. Thank you, Chana for you time, your expertise, and your love and great caring.         ~ Foster Parent of 16-year old

In sessions in which the whole family met together, Chana was very skillful in helping us to express our needs and feelings, and without taking sides, help us all to feel as if we were understood. She also turned our hopes into concrete goals that we were all able to work on.         ~ Parents of 16 year old girl

I am "in action" today as a result of your coaching.         ~ Entrepreneur

This is to thank you Channah for a wonderful session last night. I woke up with a lot of vigor and determination. I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping last night. To see clearer into the strands of nightmares that pervade one's life is a gem-a gem you, Channah, effortlessly presented to me last night. Thank you!         ~ Attorney

Chana provides continuous support. She believes in me - oftimes much more than I believe in myself. Always positive, always with a "can do attitude".         ~ Entrepreneur

Before we began working with Chana, we had seen many different psychologists over the past 9-years, all of whom had excellent credentials and who were highly recommended. Many of them said to us that there are so many different issues they don't know where to start or what to do. Our family gets more done in one session with you, Chana, than we did in nine years of psychologist visits. You make it a win-win situation. We each walk out feeling like we have accomplished something, especially with my son who is so sensitive. He never before wanted to talk about any of this, not about school, not about life, not about anything. It's all so tender for him, and so painful. You got him comfortable and communicating not only with you but also with us. You got us to open up to him also. It's amazing how you do that, really amazing!

We used to walk out of psychologists' offices feeling extremely frustrated, and very helpless and hopeless and with you we walk out feeling accomplishment and hope. It's wonderful. Thank you Chana for giving us back our son.
        ~ Parents of 15 year old boy

Chana's clarity and insights get right to the heart of the matter.         ~ Educator

You are truly committed to my success. Your passion and commitment to do whatever it takes to help has inspired me.         ~ Entrepreneur

Chana Klein has been a mirror that I bounce my most important thoughts off of. Our first meeting was a favor she did for me; neither of us knew she would be my coach. It is telling that on that occasion I wept for the first time in many years; after less than an hour she knew me better than a close friend, making me realize that she would help me bring out my latent potential in the most powerful way.

We speak at all hours of the day. What Chana provides for me is a sounding board for all my ideas, so I can discern between true and false. In my grueling transition to adulthood she accepts me totally, but also demands my best, teaching me to love and respect myself.

She has helped me numerous times in negotiating situations; teaching me how to get what I want tactfully and firmly. She has shadowed me at work, helping me to hone my business skills. She has helped me with relationships and with just about any issue that has come up in my life.
        ~ Corporate employee

You create such a trusting space that I am free to be me - to share my fears, shameful feelings for not doing what I should, or not being where I want to be in my life...and you help me get to a better place.         ~ Entrepreneur

Right from the beginning of Chana's coaching, my daughter's outbursts at home were greatly reduced and as it continued, she made great improvements in 'fighting' her OCD. She has since developed good friendships, found her passion in extra-curricular activities, and has shown that she can accept responsibility as she is maintaining a part-time job while she attends school and doing very well at both.         ~ Parents of 15 year old girl

After a few months of Chana's coaching, our son says "It's like I came back home from another planet."         ~ Parent of 12 year old

Although our son's problems are long-standing, during the period in which he was coached he had a great deal of support from Chana, and was able to contact her when something upset him and he was unable to share it with us.         ~ Parent of 16 year old

Chana worked with me to get into a "regular" class and now I am very popular in my grade. My average test score is now over 90% and I am an A student. I have also gotten a lot better at sports. But most of all, I have found the real me. After working with Chana, I actually express the real me. She has helped me to find my true self.         ~ 12 year old boy

On behalf of the Monsey Academy of Girls, I want to take the time to personally thank you for being a shining light to all of us. Your clarity, insights, and care have left a permanent stamp in our hearts and we will never forget what you have done and continue to do for us.

I must admit, I was nervous introducing the girls to you. They are a very tough crowd. These teenage girls are rebellious and angry at the world having suffered many tragedies and abuses throughout their lives. They didn't trust anyone and were verbally abusive and hostile to anyone who tried to make any contact with them. Teachers who have worked with them for years can't get their full attention or respect. Yet you, as their coach, captured their hearts in an instant. Even I and my husband who live with them are not able to attain their respect as you do. We wonder how you gained their respect so quickly and retained it.

The girls are very sensitive to the genuine. They can't stand phonies. You are a person who is genuine with them and able to see past their tough exteriors. They respect that. We are talking about girls who have been kicked out of mainstream schools, done hard core drugs, physically assaulted people and lived on the streets. Yet, you see past all that and you love each of them no matter how they acted. You make each of them feel special and you truly care for them. We wonder how you manage to smile for these girls and listen to their problems and accept them with open arms?

The result of your work with each one has been incredible. Teachers have commented to me marveling at their improvement in behavior and grades. I too have seen their attitude and behavior transform. We think you are an angel and cannot explain it any other way. You managed to be such a guiding force in the lives of these girls. Only an angel would be able to achieve what you have.
        ~ Shiri Sher, Dorm Counselor

Wow! You helped me uncover things about which I was completely unaware. And instead of dealing with a surface issue about a job change, you uncovered a broader spectrum of internal questions for consideration...and the possibilities for change. Thank you. You are a master coach!         ~ Coach

With Chana's coaching, my business activity level had gone up over 40% in the first month and has continued to increase. Now, my biggest challenge today is to find more hours in the day.         ~ Business person

From the first session, Chana was able to make a warm and positive connection with my son. She has a unique ability to speak to young people on their level, and to help turn negative attitudes into more positive and productive ones.         ~ Parent of 14 year old boy

Dear Chana,
The mind pictures you helped me create affected me in such a beautiful way. I felt a calmness wash over me. I felt a peace inside of myself that I haven't' felt in a very long time. I also felt much lighter than I usually feel. I wasn't so overwhelmed anymore and I was very relaxed. I was just ready to let the flow continue and not fight it now that I was taking care of myself. My face also started to clear up and the pimples and scars I had on my face started to go away. My cheeks had a rosy and healthy look and I was ready to enjoy life the way it is. Thank you, Chana.
        ~ 15 year old girl

Connect with me or call at 201-357-8336.

Chana Klein has been coaching both of my sons. One for over a year, who has a diagnosis "on the spectrum" including major emotional components. My other son has ADD and although he completed college some years ago, has been struggling to find a job/career. She has been working with that second son for the past year.

She has been working with them to help them deal with their issues day to day, and help them define and obtain their goals. She has made herself available on a daily basis. She responds to their phone calls as soon as she can, which is most often in a matter of hours or sooner. She does this 24/7.

Ms. Klein has also been working with my husband and me, coaching us in how to be more effectively responsive, to facilitate our sons' growth. She has made us more keenly aware of their feelings, needs and desires. She has also enabled us to better appreciate each ones' unique strengths and abilities.

Without putting us down, but rather in a loving and supportive way, she has given us insight, that we have a lot of growing to do in our parenting. At the very same time she has pointed out that "we have a very full plate" with these particular children, and that we have been doing a good job. She just helps us to understand how to do our parenting even better. This is quite a delicate matter considering that I have a master's level degree in social work, and my husband is very accomplished in his profession. So one might think that we are very sophisticated about our parenting; but of course we all know that an education is somewhat beside the point when it comes to these things. Often, the more highly educated the parents, the more resistant they are to any hint of a need to change. Ms. Klein has handled us with the utmost of sensitivity, and respect.
        ~ Parent of 23 year old and 27 year old

Thank you for giving me my 'get out of jail free' card for my life. Thank you, Chana Klein for all this and so much more.         ~ Entrepreneur

Because she had a genuine regard for my son, and made this clear to him, he was able to open up to her and talk about his feelings very early in the coach relationship.         ~ Parent of 16 yr old

I hired Chana Klein, a true living angel on earth, to do a reading of my face. The first thing she asked me was why I was so stressed, which she saw in my face. I was very, confused and didn't realize how miserable my life was. She asked to see a picture of my family and saw the true nature of several of my family members. Chana agreed to work with us daily over the phone. Within a month of her amazing coaching our lives changed remarkably. Thank you, Chana.         ~ CEO/Family Member

(7th grade client) has come a very long way this year and you can take a lot of the credit for helping him get himself on track. I told that to him already and you can reinforce it if you like. He has a lot to him, as all people do, and now, after working with you, that is becoming visible to the world at large.         ~ Guidance Counselor of Client

I want to tell you how amazed and inspired I was by your skillful coaching. You were right on the money with each powerful question. You were clear, directed, focused, intentional in your questioning, neutral, curious and you inspired confidence due to your competency. I aspire to that level. Thank you for your wonderful coaching.         ~ Coach

You help me turn down the volume of the voice of judgment in my head and get me into action.         ~ Entrepreneur

Thanks to Chana, I made a difficult but life-changing decision to free myself from a situation that was harming me. I know the pain I feel today will pass and I have hope again. Chana's coaching gave me the insight, confidence and support to save myself and live. May God bless her and all of the clients fortunate enough to have her insight, strength and light.         ~ Business person

Before I began coaching with Chana, I felt like I was living in a fetal position. Her coaching has brought me to standing upright and to being independent. I am even making a lot of money now and I couldn't have done it without her!         ~ Entrepreneur

Thank you for all of your support and concern in the midst of this crisis. It really makes a difference.         ~ Parent of 22 year old

I hired you to help my husband and you helped me!         ~ Spouse of person with Aspergers

Dear Chana Klein,
I wanted to thank you for all of the time you have put into working with me as a client. You know and I know that I have a very difficult circumstance to work with in trying to adapt my learning style, and working style to the corporate work world that doesn't necessarily accompany people with various learning distractions. You also know that I challenge anyone who is in the "help" profession quite intensely because of the very bad experiences I have had in the past. Many so called "professionals" don't care to deal with my approach and like to blame me because I am often critical of their techniques. I have often thrown some of your suggestions and comments back at you. Through this, you didn't quit trying to help me out. I find very few people who work in psychology or coaching that are willing to fight through tough times like these with me and refuse to take my defiance personally. In that spirit, I must thank you for not wavering in your efforts to communicate with me about what might and might not work.

Something that is not mentioned above is your dedication. I think you have put in more than twice the agreed upon time to work with me, and haven't asked for a penny for it. It is very hard to trust psychologists, and so called professionals when they say they want to work with people like myself, because they really don't do anything to "help" if they are not getting paid for it. I understand that is part of the profession, but if you have any mistrust for people in the "help" profession, it makes it really difficult to work with. It is refreshing to have someone with your dedication in the coaching field and in the general field of "helping" people because you get it, that sometimes the "scheduled time" isn't enough for the person that needs some assistance. I have found you to be both as realistic as possible, and genuine which is something I cannot confidently say about 95% of the "professionals" I have worked with. I really think you should give a talk to some of these people who claim to be in any profession where they claim to "help" others and enjoy it. You demonstrate a true desire to help your clients even when you don't work with them anymore. Thank you and I hope there are others that read this and follow your lead.
        ~ Sincerely, Doug L. (He requested that I put his name)

Chana, thanks so much for speaking with me yesterday evening. I value your perspective because you are the only person I know with such an extensive background in recovery, healing, AND coaching. Our conversation helped me place my concerns about diverse approaches to recovery in better perspective. And special thanks for coaching me into giving my own self more credit for my own recovery.         ~ Coach

Well, as you know it isn't every day that you come across someone who is willing to put the time into their work and really take pride into it beyond what they are paid. You do that, Chana. No one has ever shown me the commitment that you have. Because of your coaching, I am now cleaning up some bad relationships I have had and I have taken the actions to get the appropriate help in my situation.         ~ Entrepreneur

Chana, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presence in my life. Your suggestion today regarding structuring the tasks I had to do today is such a simple suggestion but it makes it manageable. I'm so glad I have found you.         ~ Entrepreneur

You are a true blessing from Hashem and a very, very special person!         ~ Nanny

Chana, thanks so much for speaking with me yesterday evening. I value your perspective because you are the only person I know with such an extensive background in recovery, healing, AND coaching. Our conversation helped me place my concerns about diverse approaches to recovery in better perspective. And special thanks for coaching me into giving my own self more credit for my own recovery.         ~ Coach

Chana, I know I could never have come this far without your loving support. Please know what a gift you are to me and how much I appreciate you.         ~ Coach

Wow, that was interesting. I like you, Chana. Your energy is comfortable to be with.         ~ Business woman

Chana, your coaching is sooo interesting. It worked on the central ADD question of focus and staying on topic, and not letting little gremlins send us away from where we're going, as well as on getting down to what really are the central issues. Your way of getting to the essence of things and working up to the rest is amazing.         ~ Coach

My desire to write a testimonial for Chana Klein is two-fold: I want to express deep gratitude for her effective and efficient teaching skills and also to encourage others who might benefit from her expertise.

Several months ago, I asked Chana to help prepare me for the ICF oral exam. I knew it was not enough to simply understand the Core Competencies. To earn a credential, I needed to be able to apply them effectively in a coaching situation. After working with Chana, in an amazingly short period of time, I not only better understood the competencies, but also knew what to avoid. And more importantly, I felt confident that I could ask the questions that would best support my client through the session. This was verified as feedback when my evaluator acknowledged me for applying the competencies through skilled questioning techniques - without question a result of my work with Chana.

I have no doubt that working with Chana was responsible for giving me the additional skills I needed to pass the ICF oral exam. Chana is clear, concise, to the point and is a great teacher and coach, in her own right. She can show you how to do the same. Thank you, Chana.
        ~ Carla Lee (Coach)

Chana, you aren't one of the majority in your profession who are simply there because it was the easiest thing for you to do, or you just liked saying "I want to help people." Thank you for what you have done in my work with you. It really is nice to have worked with someone who is genuine, for a change.         ~ Educator

Chana, thank you so much for your willingness to set my mind at ease. You're a warm, caring and brilliant woman and I feel lucky to know you.         ~ Coach

Chana Klein you changed my mental outlook within the first 10 minutes of coaching. As defeated as I felt, at the time that can be considered a miracle. For over twenty years I tackled my ADD issues through the traditional means of therapy, medication and the support of good friends within minimal and sporadic success, I decided to investigate coaching. After briefly interviewing several coaches, I knew Chana was unique and life-changing. I now appreciate myself and my potential more. Additionally, I feel I have found someone who validates my feelings, helps me identify my gifts, encourages my progress and shows me how to celebrate both my small and larges success. Thanks for being such a great partner. You're the best!         ~ Coach

Subject: [RCICoach] Let's shower Chana with love & appreciation
From: "Linda A. Marshall"
Date: Wed, Aug 08, 2007 11:46 am

Hi RCI Coaches,
This is to let you know that Chana Klein is stepping down as a teaching assistant for the Level II and III Couples Coaching Trainings. She has served as a Master Coach Intern or Teaching Assistant for seven Couple's Coaching Trainings and, as such, has made a significant contribution to the world of Couple's Coaching. She went above and beyond what was asked of her in these roles because of her commitment to you, our students. She wanted to make sure that you understood the concepts behind the tools and had facility in using them. To say that she worked hard preparing for the Training Team labs and in facilitating the work of the Training Team itself is an understatement. She gave a lot of time and energy to her work with us. Let's shower her on this listserve with our love and appreciation. And, if you'd like to send a personal message to Chana, her e-mail address is Chana@KleinCoaching.com.

And while Chana has been serving RCI, she has gone on to take numerous coaching trainings and has developed a highly successful coaching practice which integrates coaching and healing techniques. Because of her successful practice, she has found it increasingly difficult to continue serving as a Teaching Assistant. And so, it is time for her to move on.

Chana began her couple's trainings with RCI in October 2004 and quickly emerged as a leader in Couple's Coaching. Her commitment to integrating the tools and skills into her being until they flowed out of her coaching was extraordinary. She specializes in working with clients who have ADHD and/or Aspergers Syndrome. She works with the whole family in addition to the client. She has found the RCI training to be invaluable in her work with, the relationships between parents and their young children, parents and adult children, with sibling relationships as well with couples. She is not afraid to take on difficult and chaotic situations and skillfully moves the family toward cohesion.

Chana is also an energy healer, having studied Chinese and Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and David Feinstein. She also has taken numerous other trainings that integrate the mind, body, spirit medicine. She and her husband are in the process of germinating an expansion of their coaching to reach an even broader audience.

For those of you have heard Chana's personal story of triumph over physical challenges, you know what an inspiration she is. She refuses to allow herself to be limited and has achievements beyond those with no challenges. Her dream is to play basketball again and I, for one, believe she will find a way.

Saying thank you is certainly not enough. And Chana, I want to thank you for all you have given of yourself and your energy to RCI Couple's Coaching. You will be very much missed. And the very best to you as you continue to work miracles in your own life and in the lives of your clients.

Many blessings,

Linda A. Marshall, M.Div.
Director of Couple's Programs
Relationship Coaching Institute

A few weeks after my first energy session with Chana. I decided to come back again because I had wanted to do energy testing on various medicines and supplements that I take. Then, like a bolt of lightening I suddenly realized that something in my life had radically changed. That was weird, I had been having numerous hot flashes every day for at least a few months already. I was resigned to the fact that I was at that stage of life in which I would have to grin and bear this uncomfortable reality. Well, I still cannot believe it, but the hot flashes are GONE!! The only thing that changed was that I had that healing session. Chana had told me that she balanced my hormones, but I did not expect that whatever she would do could have such a radical effect.

Well now it is a couple of months and still the hot flashes have not returned. Chana gave me some techniques to help maintain this hormone balance, and techniques to do if one does occur. I cannot help but be very impressed. In fact I was so impressed that I have told a number of friends, and some of them have even come to see Chana. They have told me. They thanked me for helping them to find such a highly skilled, humble and caring healer. I am most grateful to Chana for her wonderful help.
        ~ Psychologist

I had two two-hour healing sessions with Chana Klein. We were addressing a nagging fatigue and aches and pains in the upper body- shoulders, upper back, neck, head, headaches largely in the back of the head. These symptoms have been ascribed to fibromyalgia and I have received help in the past through various modalities. It seemed that the problem had resurfaced and was dragging me down for some months with an accompanying feeling of depression and sadness. So I decided to work with Chana and try her methodology.

Following the second session on November 30th, there was an immediate lessening of all overall pain and complete cessation of many of the troubling pain spots. I felt more up in mood, no longer fatigued. Certain symptoms did reassert themselves and Chana gave me simple exercises to do at home to bring up my energy or to relax me as needed. Frankly, the most important thing was that I did not feel depressed any more. My energy is more even and stronger. I felt and continue to feel that I can create the life, work, and love that is fulfilling and authentic for me.
        ~ Yoga teacher

Thank you again for taking time to deliver such powerful information, and thank you for being such an incredible "teacher". I truly gained so much from my exposure to you!         ~ Coach

You might be happy to learn that (8th grade client) did very well on the work he just handed in. He got a B+ on the composition and a 92 on the Shakespeare test. His homework answers were also satisfactory. What a wonderful way for him to end his years at our school! I know you're proud and you have reason to be so.         ~ Teacher of Client

Thank you for uncovering my son's brilliance.         ~ Parent of high school student

Hi Chana,
You may use the below endorsement as you wish. I admire your efforts to get ADHD accreditation the right way with integrity and experienced coaches. I think you are great!!!

I attended Chana Klein's workshop at the ADDA conference in July 2008. Chana is a master of presenting how to work with internal parts and utilize the work for people to make major changes in their lives. She is totally knowledgeable about the subject and communicates with warmth and humor. I loved the fact that she expresses her ideas without the use of power-point. She included time for us to practice and went around with suggestions. She is so masterful at speaking and knowledgeable about the subject of resistance and parts that I totally recommend her as a coach or speaker at your conference.
        ~ Ira Dressner, PCC, Ph.D. Spiritual and ADHD Coach

Thank you Chana, you are awesome for three reasons:
1. Your courage, sharp intelligence and determination have propelled you to achieve dramatic goals in your own life.
2. The scope of knowledge, and resourcefulness you possess are unmatched.
3. You are a coach extraordinaire and a force of nature!
Within the first minute of our conversation you asked the magic question that freed me from taking on work that was not in my best interest. Your generosity and insight zeroed in on the real issue. You are the real thing. Thank you.
        ~ Ellen - Coach and Educator

Chana, you see something in me that I was not able to see myself. You challenged me to build a bigger image of what is possible and you believed in my ability to do it even when I did not believe it and it took me time to believe it. You moved me way beyond what I ever thought I could do myself. She found what is great in me. She found my greatness and supported me in reaching it.

Over the years, I have trained many coaches and a number of them have gone onto become MCC coaches. I have to say that none of them are as unique, charismatic and as positive a role model as Chana Klein. Chana walks her talk and then goes out into the real world and lives it.
        ~ David Giwerc, MCC ADDH Coach Academy, Founder and President

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