Is the search for solutions to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) exhausting you?

The Spectrum Coach, Chana Klein, has answers

Working with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD: Aspergers, PDD-NOS and ADHD) with positive, realistic, measurable results.

Spectrum Coaching meets the needs of high functioning ASD students, adolescents, teens, and adults...

...needs which are no less significant than other priorities, but are often overlooked because of their high functioning.

Spectrum Coaching is about listening to your dream and partnering with you to find ways to achieve it.

Now, those with Aspergers and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD-NOS) and ADHD can find the help
they've been seeking...

**ADHD is considered by many professionals to be on the Spectrum, so I have devoted a separate page to ADHD Coaching because my experience and training in that area is so extensive...

I am blown away by how proud I feel about how much sense my son is making and what a joy he is to be with after working with you for just a few months.
~ Parent of 18 year old

You can succeed.

The adult brain is both plastic and resilient and always eager to learn. Experience, thoughts, actions, emotions actually change the structure of our brains. By viewing the brain as a muscle, that can be weakened or strengthened we can exercise our authority to determine who we become.
~ A Users Guide to the Brain. By John Ratey, MD

That is the essence of Spectrum Coaching is to become who you want to be.

I have partnered with people on the spectrum to shift internally and externally in order to succeed. I have done that for myself as well.

The Spectrum Coach
Coaches the ASD Client:

To understand and to be understood...

  • to Create awareness about the gifts - and the challenges--of being on the spectrum
  • to Function in the way you aspire
  • to understand others and to have them understand you
  • to Develop the relationships you want to have - To have friends
  • to Address sensory problems of ASD - Better understand sensory issues and to find or create an environment in which to function optimally
  • to Have greater opportunities that lead to a productive, fulfilling, rewarding, and self sufficient life
  • to Achieve greater self-acceptance
  • to Live independently in the world
  • to Set up support systems that work
  • to Choose what you want to do and help you to find ways to do it
  • to Choose what you want to achieve and partner to achieve it.

You'll have access to Chana Klein, a highly experienced and abundantly qualified coach who understands and knows how to coach ASD clients to achieving their goals...

In my grueling transition to adulthood she accepts me totally, but also demands my best, teaching me to love and respect myself.
~ Corporate employee

My Spectrum Coaching service reaches each client thru the way he or she thinks and through his or her interests...

Before I began coaching with Chana, I felt like I was living in a fetal position. Her coaching has brought me to standing upright and to being independent. I am even making a lot of money now and I couldn't have done it without her!
~ Entrepreneur

I put many tools and trainings to use when working with my Spectrum clients, based on the various co-existing conditions presented.

Most have co-existing conditions such as addictions, obsessions, depression and anxiety, Tourettes, OCD, behavior problems and other issues.

In an effort to help my clients to have the life that they want, I continue to participate in many trainings and have developed tools that really work for my clients.

Spectrum Coaching provides ongoing support in achieving the results you want.

You are truly committed to my success. Your passion and commitment to do whatever it takes to help has inspired me.
~ Entrepreneur

The success of my clients is my priority and commitment to them even if that means giving extra time, getting even more training or doing whatever it takes. I go the extra mile.

Chana has made herself available on a daily basis. She responds to their phone calls as soon as she can, which is most often in a matter of hours or sooner. She does this 24/7.
~ Parent of two young adult clients

My clients get Greater energy and focus from the collaborative partnership.

Chana's clarity and insights get right to the heart of the matter.
~ Educator

I work with people in person as well as on the phone. My clients are local as well as international.

If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you, just email at Chana@TheSpectrumCoach.com or a phone call at 201-357-8336.

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You have helped my son more in three weeks than years, and years, and years of therapy.
~ Parent of 12 year old

Chana understands as a professional and as a parent.

I have experienced the frustration and powerlessness of being a mom of children on the spectrum. I do not write more about that because I preserve the anonymity of my family just as I do that of my clients. But I can share with you that I have grappled as a person, a mom, a teacher, a coach and a friend. I have felt the embarrassment and the loneliness of being on the spectrum myself and of having close ones on the spectrum as well.

Today, I no longer experience those challenges because of all of the work I have done and the solutions I have discovered. Today my main focus and purpose are to help you who are on the spectrum, to partner with you and/ or your family member to have the life you may have thought was out of reach.

I can share with you too, that today each person close to me is highly successful, living independently and doing what they are passionate about.

Chana's coaching gave me the insight, confidence and support to save myself and live. May God bless her and all of the clients fortunate enough to have her insight, strength and light.
~ Business person

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Aspergers. PDDNOS & ADHD Discovery, Differences, Challenges, Solutions

I began working with people on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) as part of my ADHD practice, and from the moment each ASD client walked in the door or worked with me on the phone, I quickly saw how different ASD is from ADHD, even if their challenges outwardly appeared to be similar.

What I discovered is that what works with ADHD may not be effective in helping the ASD client and vice versa.

Each challenge involves different parts of the brain and different sensitivities, so it's not effective to work with both in the same way.

So I help my ASD clients to function in the world on their terms, so that they become the chooser instead of the victim.

I hired you to help my husband and you helped me!
~ Spouse of person with Aspergers

She has a unique ability to speak to young people on their level, and to help turn negative attitudes into more positive and productive ones.
~ Parent of 14 year old

I have read almost every book on the market that was written by or about someone on the Spectrum, and have attended conferences and trained with the HANDLE (Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency) program which explains the Neurodevelopmental aspects of ASD and ADHD, the why's and what to do's in order to create better functionality through "gentle enhancementsm".

But most of what I have learned about the Spectrum has been from my clients and from their families who have so openly shared with me and for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration.

The way I work with ASD expands my clients' independence and self esteem.

After working with Chana, I actually express the real me. She has helped me to find my true self.
~ 12 year old boy

As a result of our work together, clients who have ASD have begun to:

  • Function better in the working world
  • Perform better in school and ongoing academic pursuits
  • Start their own successful businesses
  • Develop satisfying, fulfilling relationships
  • Function in the way they have always aspired
  • Develop systems that work most efficiently
  • Lead a productive, fulfilling life
  • Live in more harmony with their family and other loved ones

You managed to be such a guiding force in the lives of these girls. Only an angel would be able to achieve what you have.
~ Shiri Sher, Dorm Counselor

I work with both individuals and their families. Because of this approach, families have become better able to understand each other and to live together with more harmony. Click here to connect with me.

After a few months of Chana's coaching, our son says "It's like I came back home from another planet."
~ Parent of 12 year old

Let Me Share with You My Vision for the Academy of Spectrum Coaching

My work with ASDers has made me increasingly aware of how beneficial coaching is for people on the Spectrum when it comes to working on their specific issues and challenges.

Seeing a great need for that led me to my vision that every person who has ASD will be able to find a coach trained in working with people on the spectrum.

With that in mind, I have created the Academy of Spectrum Coaching whose purpose is to meet the need for more support for those individuals on the spectrum.

The Spectrum Coach
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