The ADD Advantage

The educational and psychological shifts in our son were staggeringly positive... seemingly miraculous!!! He became motivated, focused, and committed to his own success. With Chana Klein's continued and completely dedicated support of our son through-out the year he has done incredibly well. His grades are in the A high B range. His academic success has astonished the school administration and his teachers. Now, he is generally happy, upbeat, positive, and setting his sights on more success!! Our most heartfelt thanks to Chana Klein.
~ Parents of 11 year old

I'd like to share something with you that's deeply personal, but it will help to better frame our conversation, while enabling me to show you two of my many discoveries about how to use the ADHD mind to increase your success.

You help me turn down the volume of the voice of judgment in my head and get me into action.
~ Entrepreneur

adhd person First of all, after going through much extensive training on AD/HD, I realized that I have AD/HD myself. That explained to me why I couldn't read until I was 17 years old and why, as a child and teen, I continually was aware that I was unable to concentrate.

Secondly, in my late teens I learned an incredible AD/HD tool - hyperfocusing. That part of our brain wiring that makes it difficult to switch from one activity to another also makes it possible to really focus when we are interested.

At that time in my life, I didn't even know I had AD/HD. But I did figure out how my brain works and how to use it to my advantage.

I used my AD/HD ability to hyperfocus to learn how to read, and within six months I was placed in Honors English class...

That I was able to accomplish this tells us something about the nature of ADHD. It's not unusual for a person with ADHD to succeed in an amazing way at something in which s/he is interested and really wants. When we are interested, there is no ADHD. ADHD shows up when we are bored or under pressure.

Just to give you a bit of history, what occurred for me at age 16 was that a boyfriend rejected me when his parents brought it to his attention that I was not able to read.

I was devastated and cried for days. But I came to believe that if I did not learn how to read, I would never have a boyfriend. How's that for a motivation to become interested in reading?

Learning to read became a pathway to assure that I would have a boyfriend.

That developed within me a keen interest in learning to read the words on a page. I took myself to the library. I hid from my peers as I grappled with the words on the pages of one of the picture books meant for children. I said to myself "If I look at it long enough I will get it."

And so because of my great new interest in reading (which meant I would have a boyfriend,) I was able to focus on the words on the page and eventually to figure them out and eventually to be placed in the high school's honors English class reading a classic each week.

My interest helped me to hyperfocus.

Hyperfocusing also helped me to attain my bachelors and masters degree. It still gets me learning hordes of material that I would not be have able to without my AD/HD brainwiring.

I call it the ADD Advantage...

You might be happy to learn that (8th grade client) did very well on the work he just handed in. He got a B+ on the composition and a 92 on the Shakespeare test. His homework answers were also satisfactory. What a wonderful way for him to end his years at _____ School! I know you're proud and you have reason to be so.
~ Teacher of Client

adhd person NeuroTypicals (people who don't have ADHD) cannot hyperfocus like we can. It's not in their brain wiring. I am successful not despite my ADHD but because of it.

I have also had to personally figure out, and overcome, my own recovery (from addiction) issues, tourettes syndrome and severe sleep disorder, all coexisting conditions of ADHD and all of which no longer affect my life as they had previously.

Chana Klein, you changed my mental outlook within the first 10 minutes of coaching.
~ Entrepreneur

I began working with teens who have ADHD in my first coaching niche - "Teens Who Are Making Their Parents Want to Pull Their Hair Out." I have worked with teenagers ever since I was a teen myself, as a group leader, a camp counselor, a teacher, etc and so that was the most natural group for me to work with when I began as a coach.

Although I was working exclusively with teens, because of the success I was having, several adults sought out my services, which led me to expand to helping them as well.

Chana, you see something in me that I was not able to see myself. You challenged me to build a bigger image of what is possible and you believed in my ability to do it even when I did not believe it and it took me time to believe it. You moved me way beyond what I ever thought I could do myself.
~ Entrepreneur

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ADHD Expertise - Trainings and Qualifications

In order to be of more service to the ADHD community, I completed many coach-trainings to learn all of the information available about ADHD.

These include:

  • ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)
  • ADDCA's advanced program for Professional Coaches and Graduates (PCACG).
  • ADD 2005 with Ned Hallowell, MD and John Ratey, MD, (the ADHD expert MDs and pioneers in this field)
  • A wide variety of informative teleclasses, conferences, and extensive reading and research on AD/HD
  • Many Alternative Healing Programs such as HANDLE Program (Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency) are also very effective in healing ADHD. Please see page on Alternative Healings (link)

In addition, I am the International Coach Federation's ADHD Special Interest Group Leader (ICF ADHD SIG) as well as a professional instructor for ADDCA.

I am also a speaker at the ADD Coaches Association (ACO) and for ADD Association (ADDA.)

I am the former chairman of the certification application committee for the Institute for the Advancement of AD/HD Coaching which led me to co-founding the Professional Association of AD/HD Coaches (PAAC) a certifying organization for ADHD coaches. (www.paaccoaches.org).

If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you, just email at Chana@TheSpectrumCoach.com or call at 201-357-8336.

After working with you for three months, I can't help but cry for the blessing that you are in my life. Thank you so very much, my coach.

~ Coach

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About ADHD

adhd person The medical definition of ADHD involves issues of hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsivity. ADHD almost always has coexisting challenges like dyslexia, OCD, Conduct disorders, etc.

It affects self-regulation and social interaction and influences just about every aspect of life of the person who has ADHD. It seriously diminishes self esteem and affects social interaction.

Even when getting medical help with ADHD, studies have shown that the symptoms of ADHD and the learned habits persist. Coaching as well as alternative healing modalities have had success with this brain wiring.

Thank you for uncovering my son's brilliance.
~ Parent of high school student

Because ADHD involves so many complex factors, dealing with AD/HD as only a medical condition is rarely sufficient and will not yield much in the way of enduring results. Even when medications work well, specific symptoms, issues with self-esteem, difficulties in relationships and learned habits may persist. To get desired results, the whole picture needs to be addressed, from management of core symptoms to related behavioral, relationship, academic, work and self esteem issues.

Chana Klein, The Spectrum Coach is trained and experienced in working with ADHD and getting amazing results.

I'm grateful for the progress ____ has made in his schoolwork and in his attitude in general. He seems to have a better understanding of his own functioning and to be a more able to manage his affairs. His grades are reflecting that, and, although he still has catch up work, his attendance has been good and his efforts seemingly steady. Thank you, Chana. You are the only one who has succeeded in reaching our son.
~ Parent 15 year old

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